Welcome to Ythalek

A quick run-down of what we do here: 4E conquest. Simply put, the island continent of Ythalek is in a state of total war. Each country on the continent is attempting to capture the continent, and all of them have different reasons. Some want peace, some want prosperity, some want total dominion over the world. The players have chosen one of the countries to work for, and thus will help to end the war through either diplomacy or domination. Any method is viable, and their choices will help shape the outcome of the world as well as who the final boss might happen to be.

In the process of the game, I’ve structured it as “a game of games.” By this, I mean I’m taking some of the aspects of several different games that I’ve enjoyed over the years, both table-top and console, and have tried to put them together in a mish-mash of ideas. The conquest is similar to some of the Spectral Force games, as are some of the quest-related encounters. Recruitment works like many RPGs, though my inspiration came more from Suikoden than anything else. The players will have to act as a police force and government in territories that they come to control, a la Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I also intend to implement a system of “crafting” which would allow particular items to be mixed to create newer, better items/enchantments that the players could work with, somewhat similar to the old Star Ocean item creation methods.

In short, I’m trying to take the things I’ve always liked and put them together to let the players enjoy the things I always did. All the images and most of the characters that I have used and put on this website are property of their designers (either the game company or the artist who drew the picture) and thus the credit belongs to them.