Conquest of Ythalek

Another New Arrival

The trouble begins

The group — now Cliona, Jeoffrey, Alderath, and Vladimir — left the keep to head for Herlie to get supplies. Hayashi was joining them in an attempt to get some last minute items for the trip back to Forlorn but also to gather some needed items for the Keep. In addition, Hayashi said he knew of a pair of builders and an agricultural specialist.

Upon arrival on the docks, a portal suddenly opened in front of the group. A large Thri-kreen walked out of it and immediately turned on the group. After a long stare-down with some heated confrontation, the group learned that his name was Clik-Clik and he had been teleported to this plane from his own world. Though Cliona did not trust him, Clik and Alderath left for the tavern and proceeded to be distracted while the rest of the group gathered supplies.

While gathering supplies, Cliona found that the pirates that had been captured previously were still in jail. She moved to speak to the nobles and found that the Lord of the Keep just did not know how to deal with them and had received no instructions from the Citadel itself. Cliona, using her bluffing ability, managed to convince the nobles as well as the pirates that coming with her to join the militia at the keep was in everyone’s best interest. In return for their freedom, they were required to do exactly as Cliona or DeClerq commanded of them.

Jeoffrey, meanwhile, was discussing current events and magical theory with Tyrna Nog. After some time, he was able to discover a few details about the planar disruptions as well as get a gauge on Tyrna Nog’s true power. However, he left with little more information.

Everyone returned to the docks to depart. Hayashi returned with Lucy and Emmet, a pair of warforged architects, as well as Largo, an old retired military man who had great knowledge of agriculture. With everyone in tow, the group returned to the keep. Upon arrival, they were reminded by Karl that the mission in Forlorn was still active, and everyone decided that they would depart for Forlorn immediately the next morning.



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