Conquest of Ythalek

Continuing the Journey

The ship continued on its way toward the Forlorn Dynasty. While Cliona, and to a small extent Dexlexius, helped to bring Miku and DeClerq around, the other big men helped to bring the ship into port. As they exited the ship, they were greeted by the children of the Guan family – Xiping, Suo, and Xing – as well as Bao Sanniang. These four escorted the group to a nearby fort city, leaving them at the gate.

The group decided to investigate the town. Cliona – watched from a distance by Jeoffrey – found an old scholar to talk to on the path to the central hold while the fighters and bard went to the tavern to gather information. They were greeted by a scene of destruction and learned that someone had ransacked the tavern not long previously. After much “investigation,” the guys came to the conclusion that the candy mage had rode in and destroyed the tavern with his magical rainbows and sugar beams. They ran outside to tell the others.

While Cliona and the old scholar led the slightly inebriated group to believe that they were correct, Cliona and Jeoffrey accepted a letter to be delivered to the scholar’s apprentice in the capital. The group then were informed that the Lord of this fort was ready to meet with them

The group entered the fort to meet the Lord Liu Shan and his three guards: Zhao Yun, Xing Cai, and Ma Dai. While Jeoffrey, Dexlexius, and Wiggelsbach received news of what their tasks were in Forlorn, Cliona was busy getting Zhao Yun’s attention. When successful, the two of them found a room in the castle for the night while the rest of the group were led to their own sleeping quarters. The next morning, Alderath decided to make breakfast for the group while Dexlexius wowed the servants with tales of grandeur and raucous music. Somehow, he managed to wow one servant girl, a 15-year-old named Mei Dai Sun, to the point that she insisted on coming along. She was so wowed that she almost ate Alderath’s cooking. She was “saved” by Cliona but still decided to travel with the party.



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