Conquest of Ythalek

Date Ra-- Night with Cliona

Cliona departed the tavern for a few hours, leaving Dexlexius, Wigelsbach, and Alderath to stay in the tavern drinking. When she returned, Alderath procured a number of drinks in leaded, reinforced tankards. These drinks, known as “King Behemoths,” were designed to be “one and done” drinks. Alderath, good buddy that he is, delivered 3 to Dexlexius. While the first two totally derailed his senses (he was seeing some very psychedelic images involving beholders and feathers and techno music), the third one destroyed his speech and his motor skills. At this point, Cliona returned, saw “Dexy” in that state, and decided to take care of him. After dragging him upstairs by his feet… stuff happened.

Next morning, Alderath and Max found Dexlexius removing the bindings tying him to his own bed. While he remembered little, he had this distinct feeling that Cliona tried to kill him. As the group went downstairs to find Wigelsbach still drinking modestly, Cliona again joined the group in the tavern. While she flirted somewhat with Dexlexius, she did not stay longer than a few minutes. While the group discussed the previous night, Max walked outside to investigate a loud clanging noise that had drifted in. He returned to the group and implored that they join him outside quickly.

Once outside, even Dexlexius noticed the huge tree that was now growing out of the stone beside the tavern. The iron guard near the tavern had apparently fainted upon noticing this new arrival, but the group was more interested in the tree. Although Alderath wanted to remove the tree with his ax, Dexlexius reminded him of the danger of harming nature when Cliona might be nearby. Alderath backed down and Dexlexius turned away from the tree to walk back inside. To his surprise, the tree reached its branches down to grab him. Not really to his surprise, it turned out to be Cliona. While they chatted, Wigelsbach and Jeoffrey walked toward the group, Wigs from the tavern and Jeoffrey from the library.

Cliona departed for a time when she was put off by Dexlexius, while a gold guard from the Lord’s Keep came running toward the group. The guard came with a message for Jeoffrey, but did not recognize him. Dexlexius bluffed the guard into giving him the message and the guard left happy. Dexlexius delivered the message to Jeoffrey, who read it to find that they were needed at the docks ASAP to escort a diplomat to their allied nation, the Forlorn Dynasty. Dexlexius went to find Cliona and found her chatting with Fei Pa. After a short conversation, Cliona departed, leaving Fei Pa to whisper to Dexlexius to check his pocket when he was alone on the ship.



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