Conquest of Ythalek

Elemental Fight


Once the group had rested, they were told to depart for a village that had been attacked several times recently. The Citadel had no information on what was to come or on what was doing the attacking. The group left to find what they could. Upon arrival, the group learned that the Captain of the guard knew very little other than the attacks usually came at night. They met a young boy named Theirin who was willing to help out where he could. The group made up a plan to prevent the attack that Kai was sure would come later that night.

The group waited in ambush for the attackers, and the attack came around 10pm. The attackers suddenly appeared with little warning: first some crossbowmen, followed by what looked like an overseer, and finally joined by a pair of magicians in the treeline. The attack started and the defenders looked to have the upper hand. Though the fight complicated when 5 black puddings rose from a nearby mud pit, the group took them out quickly enough to eliminate the attackers. As the last one was beaten, it turned into water and rushed into the forest.

The group immediately gave chase, leaving the town behind. They followed the sound of the rushing stream and eventually arrived at a true brook. The water rushed to the side of the brook and a huge rock rose from it. A terse conversation in a harsh screeching sound took place, followed by a painful scream and the water joined the brook. The rock monster stepped from the rock followed by a huge lava elemental from the fire. They were joined by 10 thunder and lightning elementals. The fight once again was joined and the group quickly learned to fear the smaller minions: they exploded on death. Though the fight was harsh, the group won the day in the end. However, following the fight, a debacle of a skill challenge took place and much confusion and hilarity ensued.

Upon their return to the village, the captain gave them a letter to present to the Citadel. The group rested and departed for the Citadel. Upon their return, they found that they had a day to rest before they were being sent out yet again, this time to investigate a shipwreck that apparently occurred nowhere near water. The group once again moved to investigate, arriving around midday. The shipwreck was indeed a boat in the forest, torn in half. An evil aura seemed to permeate the surrounding forest. Alric moved to the top of the boat in order to get a better vantage point and banged on the deck, yelling for whatever was inside to come out. He was surprised by a tentacle that slammed through the deck, nearly impaling him. From the ship crept a Far Realm Abomination and 6 of its thralls. While the thralls flung goo at the group, hitting Kai quite solidly once, the abomination spent its time stunning and smashing the rest of the group repeatedly. The group struggled to maintain its power, but eventually mowed down all the thralls. Once they were gone, everyone focused on the abomination. Though close, some solid crits by Sandy and others as well as magic missiles from Kai helped to finally bring the beast down.



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