Conquest of Ythalek

Finishing the Pirates

After a good rest, the party traveled back into the caves in an attempt to rid the seas of the elemental pirates. After interrogating the captain one last time, the party moved down the corridors and checked the now unlocked room. Inside, they found a mountain of ice in a 20X20 room. With no way of affecting it (as proven by Al’derath), the party pushed past. In the large altar room in the back, the group finally found their quarry: a large elemental mage and his minions guarded the room. The room was covered in ice and was guarded by four colossal statues of a beast known as the Colossus of Laarn. As the fight began, one of the statues began to move and joined the fight. Though the initial outlook of the fight was grim, the group was joined by five of their allies: Maximillian, Agrias, Fizzle, Shanghai, and Shatheera. While those five kept the Colossus busy, the rest of the group destroyed the elemental mage and his help, causing the Colossus to go still.

As the group departed, the room with the mountain of ice had cleared and revealed a large cage with three girls inside dressed as pirates. The group interrogated the three and found them to be the daughters of the leaders of the pirate band. They were released and taken into custody, eventually being brought before the Lord of the Keep back in Herlie. After more discussion, it was decided that the group needed to find the source of the soil corruption. Another night’s rest and the group would be ready to depart.



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