Conquest of Ythalek

The Second Group


Nunah and Shiema had returned to the Citadel to find that another group of recruits had arrived to join the militia: Zhang Kai, the Deva and adopted younger sister of Zhang He; Celestia, the Eladrin cleric; Alric, the fighter from the streets of the Forlorn Dynasty; Sandy, the Halfling rogue; and Diabeetus, the Drow Monk. The new group were quickly set upon the task of training in the training grounds under the Drill Instructor. Their task: bloody Taigong Wang, a foreign diplomat that was in the Citadel helping the leaders of the country.

Long story short, Taigong Wang beat the group about the head and shoulders multiple times. Though the group did emerge victorious (as much as they could say they did), Taigong Wang gave the group a moderately passing grade and recommended them to the Citadel leaders. At dinner, the group finally met their commanding officers, Nunah and Shiema. Though Alric did not seem readily impressed, the rest of the group remained respectful and introduced themselves as well.

The next morning, the group split up to take care of various needs before their next task was given to them. Zhang Kai spent a long time talking with Taigong Wang in the library while Sandy and Celestia eavesdropped and Alric wandered aimlessly. Before long, Alric, Celestia, and Sandy departed for the town to finish their own errands.

Sandy and Alric spent several hours investigating taverns and talking with the seedier aspects of town. During this time, Celestia wandered to the church to gather information from the town there. While there, she noticed a disheveled man in priest robes constantly chanting a ritual over a dead fish. She was intrigued and asked around to find that the man had been there for over a week and had not slept or eaten anything since his arrival. The other priests had given him robes but had not extended any further help to him.

Celestia set about finding a way to help this man. She realized after some time that he was chanting a raise dead ritual, but he was doing so without any components. She decided to ask the church, but they were not willing to help. As she was contemplating what to do, Sandy and Alric arrived at the church and settled into the back pews. Celestia left the church to find a wizard, and after some time learned that only one true wizard resided in town: an old man who ran a “club” for “wizards”. She arrived to find him talking to Kai about various rituals. She explained the situation and the man was immediately interested, agreeing to come to the church and to bring his own components for the ritual.

Once the three arrived back at the church, they found that Alric and Sandy had gathered a large number of the homeless and more destitute of town and were smoking in the back of the church. Some betting was also going on, however the church members turned a blind eye as a much more potentially serious incident was developing. The wizard moved the man away from the fish and examined it for some time. He put out a good number of magic crystals and began to incant the spell, but stopped almost immediately. He pulled a much larger number of crystals from his pouch and started again, but again stopped very quickly. He began to pile the crystals higher and higher.

While this was going on, Alric brought a bucket of water to the side of the ritual location. The man who had started the ritual suddenly had a moment of clarity and looked at the group, insisting that a much larger amount of water was going to be needed. Without hesitation, Alric departed for a nearby tavern, bringing several of the homeless men with him. He negotiated the use of an empty vat and had the homeless men carry it back to the church. Once there, he set it up and had the many men fetching water to fill the vat.

By the time that the vat was full, the wizard was finishing an expedited version of the raise dead ritual. As the ritual completed, the fish began flopping around the altar it had been placed on. The crazy man immediately grabbed the fish and threw it in the vat. The water began to rise from the vat in a sphere. It began to spin quickly without throwing any water, and eventually it exploded, revealing a 5-foot tall fairy dressed in a blue garmet and blue hair. She turned to the crazy man, said “You are forgiven,” and the man promptly died.

While the clerics quickly moved to help the man, the fairy asked to be taken to who was in charge. While traveling, she explained her plight. She had been caught in the fisherman’s net and had been killed when he panicked and threw her. She was one of the world’s elemental fairies, separate from the Pixies and elementals both. She and her kind were at war with the invading elementals and enlisted the group’s help to eliminate this menace.



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