Conquest of Ythalek

Travel on the Big Blue Wet Thing

Once on the ship, Dexlexius and Cliona each took to their own cabins while Wigelsbach decided to impart upon the ocean his night of drinking. When he finished, he noticed some strange smoke coming from an island known as Castaway Island. The crew told many stories of the evils of the island, but the group decided to take a lifeboat to the island to find out what the signals meant.

Once they arrived, the group found 6 trolls dancing around a fire. A pair of rough tombstones sat just north of the fire, and the group could vaguely see Hayashi tied to one of them. As they disembarked, Wigelsbach realized he recognized their language and tried to assimilate himself as their king. While this did not work, it did start a fight.

Quickly the group realized that only fire could do-in the trolls. Wigelsbach moved to the fire and grabbed a lit log, lighting several of the trolls on fire to dispatch them. However, another monster rose from the ocean: a Far Realm Abomination. This horribly ugly monster seemed to attack much quicker than what most monsters could attack and quickly moved in to stun Wigelsbach and Alderath. While Wigelsbach could get out of the stun quickly, Alderath had a bit of trouble. While he remained stunned, the abomination slapped the two melee units repeatedly with its tentacles. During this time, Jeoffrey noticed something in the edge of the woods that was not part of the trees. After a second inspection, he realized it was Miku, the apprentice cleric from Herlie.

When Alderath broke the stun, he smashed the abomination with all his might. This, coupled with an attack from Dexlexius, bloodied the monster, allowing him to stun the two front-liners again. However, this time they both recovered quickly from the stun and proceeded to beat down the solo beast. With a magic missile from Cliona, the monster finally fell.

Once the fight was over, Jeoffrey moved to Miku to awaken her and found that another person hung in the trees: DeClerq, the other ship captain. He awakened them slowly while Cliona untied Hayashi and began a ritual on the corpse sitting by the fire. She found that this corpse had been used as a conduit/reagent for the equivalent of an interplanar hijacking ritual. The abomination was using the body for the past 5 years to abduct people who were using teleportation spells and eating them. Using another ritual, Cliona found that the man turned out to be a Shadar-kai general of the Raven Queen named Carathor who had been taken from a great battle during an attempted shadow step.



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