Conquest of Ythalek

Under the Keep

Where spiders tread

For a short time, new arrivals began to enter the keep. Maximillian and Hayashi, Agrias and DeClerq, and even Return, Skye, and Idria eventually arrived. Blizzacane and Torbera made themselves comfortable, as did Isamo and Fizzle. As things were starting to settle down, Ssthraxia entered the main room, looking for Cliona. Cliona spoke with her briefly and found that a number of creatures had been found in the caves. The group decided to investigate, though Jeoffrey stayed behind to research some papers that Alderath had found beneath the kitchen floors.

The group entered the caves with torches and magical lights and found that Ssthraxia had been right: two new people came running toward them. After calming them down, Cliona suggested taking them prisoner and finding out what they knew. After a short discussion, they learned that the two new arrivals were a dwarf runepriest named Mufasa and a totally human cleric of Pelor named Vladimir. They both stated that something strange was going on under the Keep, and Ssthraxia swore that her spiders were not to blame. However, she refused to go back down there until it was cleared up.

Cliona, Alderath, and Wigelsbach descended into the caves and found a passageway that curved off to the north and opened into a large room with some ruined remnants. However, they were immediately beset by spiders. Though numerous, the group was able to take them down with little effort. However, more spiders could be heard scurrying about in a room deeper in the ruins.

The group searched deeper and found a strange armored man with six spider legs protruding from his back. All around him, smaller spiders scurried about, digging at the walls and collecting some form of mineral or material. In the back of the room was a large glowing altar in the shape of a stone tee pee. Occasionally, a spider would wander too close and would almost instantly die in convulsive fits.

As the group was about to attack, Jeoffrey joined with some information from the papers he had been reading. However, the spider creature noticed the party and attacked. Though heated, the battle went fairly smoothly as the spiders were demolished quickly. The spider creature, sensing that he was not to win this fight, disappeared in a cloud of inky blackness and was not to be found.

Cliona and Jeoffrey worked to try to understand the altar. While Jeoffrey’s proximity was characterized by numbness and weakness, Cliona was only effected by a sense of calm. After a decent amount of time spent investigating, the group left the ruins to find Alderath having fun destroying a spider nest with his spear and fire. While he was distracted, Wigelsbach headed back to deliver the results. Cliona and Jeoffrey had a brief religious discussion before heading back into the keep.

Once the group revealed what had happened, Return and Karl went into the ruins to investigate it for themselves. While they were gone, Cliona had a brief discussion with Skye about what had happened and the group discussed the fate of the new arrivals. It was decided that Mufasa would remain at the keep in order to shore up the new defenses while Vladimir would travel with the party when they again set out.



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