Dexlexius McTango

Looks amazing. Sounds amazing. Has pet owlbear named Captain Scruffaluffagus.


Level 9 Good Male Half-Elf Bard

Tier Class
Heroic Tier Cunning Bard
Paragon Path NA
Epic Destiny NA
Stat Value Bonus
STR 10 0
CON 13 1
DEX 10 0
INT 16 3
WIS 8 -1
CHA 22 6
Calculated Stat Value
Max HP 74
Bloodied 37
AC 24
REF 23
Healing Surges 8
Surge Value 19
Equipment Slot Equipment Name
Weapon Defensive Accurate Staff +2
Armor Tactician’s Finemail +2
Shield Light Shield
Neck Healer’s Brooch +2
Head Reading Spectacles
Feet Acrobatic Boots
Waist Belt of Vigor (heroic)
Feature Type Feature Name
Racial Feature Dilettante
Racial Feature Dual Heritage
Racial Feature Group Diplomacy
Class Feature Bardic Training
Class Feature Virtue of Cunning
Class Feature Multiclass Versatility
Class Feature Skill Versatility
Class Feature Song of Rest
Theme Fey Beast Tamer
Background Auspicious Birth
Feat Ritual Caster
Feat Witchcraft Initiate
Feat Staff Expertise
Feat Improved Defenses
Feat Superior Will
Feat Superior Implement Training (Accurate staff)
Power Type Power Name
At-Will Staggering Note
At-Will Vicious Mockery
Encounter Eldritch Strike
Encounter Blunder
Encounter Echoing Weapon
Encounter Prescient Warning
Encounter Majestic Word
Encounter Revitalizing Incantation
Encounter Words of Friendship
Encounter Moment of Escape
Daily Stirring Shout
Daily Compulsion
Daily Song of Discord
Daily Augury

Ten-Minute Background

5 Background Concepts:

2 Goals

2 Secrets

3 People

3 Memories

Developing Character


Dexlexius McTango

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