Conquest of Ythalek


The party began their exploration of Herlie after Neorith introduced them to their guide, an Eladrin Ranger named Shatheera. Immediately the party headed for the tavern, although it was fairly obvious that the Gnoll would have prefered to head to either the library or the wizard’s tower in the south part of town. While in the tavern, the party ran across three potential recruits: a pair by the name of Maximillian and Hayashi who are arguing about military methods of accomplishing objectives and a woman by the name of Lorelai who seems to be deep in thought. After some simple interrogation, Jeoffrey determined that Max and Hayashi were merely debating different sides of the same point, and after some discussion, Max admitted that he saw Hayashi’s point clearly. Some mediation later and Max agreed to join the militia for the Maymai Alliance, but Hayashi still needed time to sort out some affairs before he could consider it.

As for Lorelai, Andraste spent some time trying to crack her defenses, only to succeed when Nunah arrived. After some talking about the warrior way, Lorelai admitted that she was looking for a rival by the name of Killey, a man who often travels donned all in red. Though she will not join the party yet, she agrees to consider it after they face off against Killey and prove their worth.

Once outside, the party then traveled through the market. At their first stop, they found a small pixie trying to create illusions for donations. However, they are not very good and thus most people just laughed at her. Though dejected, she kept trying, and Jeoffrey “fell” for one of them in order to encourage her. Though she seemed to realize he was only trying to make her feel better, she seemed to perk up and wanted to spend time with the group. Once their purpose was explained, the young fairy, introduced as Fizzle, immediately asked to join, notching another recruit for the party.

After finding a drunken seller of booze who requested a rare drink, the party progressed north. Jeoffrey and Andraste found a pretty, young woman talking to an accessory dealer. She seemed to be quite interested in one of the items, but kept getting distracted and never bought it. Jeoffrey purchased the bracelet and was in the process of giving it to her when the woman sneezed and disappeared.

During this time, the fairies migrated toward what appeared to be an abandoned flower cart. However, once they arrived, they found a small flower found only in their native Feywild floating back and forth at the back of the cart. On closer inspection, Shiema found the flower being held by a very young girl. Though she could not speak, Shiema found that she could somewhat understand what the little girl was trying to say, and after some bonding, the girl decided that she would join the militia as well.

When the party regrouped and headed north toward the keep, they found a group of nobles’ sons picking on one of the less fortunate children. When the party moved to stop it, another young girl in armor and holding a spear charged the group, dispatching the bullies. After calming down the young boy and sending him on his way, the girl introduced herself to the party as an orphan who was trying to join the castle guard. However, her age (around 15) had kept her out of it. The party tried to get her to join the militia and were making some progress when a cry was heard throughout the market that the port was under attack. Without waiting Cecille and the party headed for the port to defend the town.



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