Conquest of Ythalek

The Beginning

The party collected in the Training arena in order to be tested by the Drill Instructor and placed in the mercenary service of the Maymai Alliance. The first order of business was to defeat a number of training dummies (mannequins – melee controllers) in order to prove their worth. The initial test passed very quickly, with the party learning quite a bit about the other members’ skills. However, their true test lie with a duel against a visiting diplomat – Xiahou Dun (of Wei Dynasty fame) from the Forlorn Dynasty. Xiahou Dun was a retooled Frenzied Werewolf (solo brute) and was retooled to fit the more mystic aspects of the Strikeforce game. He shifted to his alternate form at bloodied and everything was altered slightly to have a more mystic feel. However, after 7 solid, strong rounds of fighting, the training was stopped by the Drill Instructor and the party was led before the leaders of the mercenaries, Espgarude and Neorith. After accepting their appointment into the mercenary army, the party was given a place to rest in order to prepare for their first task – escorting Xiahou Dun and Neorith to the port of Herlie so that Xiahou Dun could take the boat back to his home. The trip itself was uneventful, although on Shiema did manage to strike up a bit of a friendship with Neorith on the trip by talking fashion and braiding the idol’s hair.



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