Conquest of Ythalek

The Keep

A home at last

The group appeared along with all of the new additions in a room with a strange purple floor. To their right was a large stone tablet. At the northern door was Krenal’Onar, who seemed to be holding some sort of magical barrier over the door. Isamo the youkai and Fizzle were sitting in the corner with some injuries. When the group approached the door, Karl informed them that a number of ghosts were on the other side and had taken over the keep.

After some negotiation, Karl agreed to drop the barrier and let the party through, but not before blessing the party with some blessing of his goddesss. As soon as the barrier was gone and the door open, Ssthraxia shrieked and jumped through the door, charging a creature across an open floor. The party moved through the door to find a number of ghosts and banshees floating in the room beyond. Their leader-an apparent ghostly Shadar-kai ship captain-turned to face the charging spider. However, Ssthraxia was charging a large drider behind him. The drider shrieked as well and scurried down a western hallway with the large spider hot on his tail.

The party immediately set to work in eliminating the enemies. However, the ghosts were not hampered in their movement and moved in and out of the party with ease. The banshees screams did little to help the situation. However, the party methodically took down one ghost after another until only the captain remained. Once he was alone, it took little time for the group to destroy him.

Once the ghosts were gone, the party set about searching through the new building and healing the wounded. Cliona collected some ectoplasm from the ghosts before departing to search for Ssthraxia. The rest of the group worked to get the party back to full strength. In the west, Cliona found a walled room of rock that had a hole into an underground passageway. As she jumped down the hole, she found a dark passageway that seemed to lead in several directions under the building. Almost immediately, Ssthraxia scurried up to Cliona, quite satisfied with herself since she had utterly destroyed the drider.

Continued exploration of the new building was put on pause as Karl explained that this was to be the base of operations for the new militia group. He also explained that the mirror did appear to be a portal, but it was linked to the hand mirror and could be used as a means of teleportation. This was confirmed by Viki, who was apparently the guardian of the mirrors and had now found everything she was searching for. She settled down to manage the teleport magics and joined the party. Another visitor appeared – Leknaat, the guardian of the tablet. She also explained that the tablet would mark the Stars of Destiny as they were brought together. A greater story was at work, and the party was part of the group that would change the destiny of the continent.



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